Kim Kardashian Makeup Looks – 3 Dupes for Her Favorite Cosmetics!

It’s time for another product showdown! I recently read an article on, where the author described her attendance at the Kim Kardashian and Mario Dedivanovic Masterclass for Makeup Application. Several of Kim’s favorite makeup items are mentioned in the write up.

Since most women are not as financially fortunate as the Kardashians, I went to work at finding product dupes for some of Kim’s go-to makeup items … you know, the ones that Mario uses to keep her looking so impossibly perfect.

kim kardashian makeup before and after class tutorial tips celebrity makeup for oily skin face powder foundation blush

Kim Kardashian Makeup: Before and After










Challenge #1

The first challenge I took was Kim’s favorite foundation (the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick) VS a drugstore dupe (Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation Stick). Since I have oily skin, I purchased Fit Me as soon as it came out, because it promised built-in shine control. I’ve used it a few times, but found that it is somewhat difficult to apply and blend. The final finish is somewhat streaky and dry looking, and it isn’t really good at controlling oil.

bobbi brown makeup stick kim kardashian makeup tips and looks dupes for bobbi brown makeup products for oily skin foundation

Bobbi Brown Dupe: Maybelline FIT Stick Foundation for Oily Skin

Last week I purchased the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick, and color me impressed! It provides absolutely amazing coverage and is super easy to blend using finger tips or a beauty blender sponge. Another plus? It’s water resistant! It is very rare to find a foundation that stays in place on my oily skin, and forget it if I’ll be out in the hot sun all day. I was amazed that the Bobbi Brown product stayed put and coverage stayed true. I used oil blotting sheets a few times when the inevitable shine poked through, but otherwise it was a great foundation. The only thing that would prevent me from using this continuously is the price. At $44 it’s worth the cost, but I’ll be saving it for special occasions.

WINNER? Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick won, hands down!

Pros (Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick)

  • Looks natural
  • Wide color selection
  • Very easy to blend out
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • Provides amazing coverage

Cons (Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick)

  • It’s very pricey
  • Doesn’t really absorb oil


Challenge # 2

Next, I compared the Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Loose Powder with my trusty oil absorbent Mattify Cosmetics Ultra Powder. I’ve been using the Ultra Powder for the past 2 years, and it is my all time favorite product. Pretty sure I have the oiliest skin on the planet. NO other face powder has ever done anything to control the oil, which would result in my other makeup looking streaky and almost wet to the touch, because my skin was so oily. Once I started using the Ultra Powder before and after Dinair liquid foundation, my oily skin troubles vanished.

bobbi brown makeup dupes kim kardashian makeup tips looks white transparent matte powder for oily skin mattify cosmetics

Bobbi Brown Makeup Dupes: Mattify Cosmetics ULTRA Powder for Oily Skin

The thought of going 1 day without my precious Ultra Powder was a bit scary. I used the Bobbi Brown Loose Powder in “white” which looks almost identical to the Ultra Powder. I also applied it in the same manner (before and after liquid foundation). It worked beautifully at first, and my skin looked just like it does after using the Ultra Powder. But… after the first hour, oil was already starting to appear. The Bobbi Brown version would probably be a good setting powder for women who have combination or dry skin. For me, it just didn’t provide enough oil control. Also, the Bobbi Brown Powder contains several ingredients that I can’t pronounce, and I prefer using chemical free products when possible. Another issue I have is the cost – Bobbi Brown’s price seems pretty outrageous at $36 for a small container of powder, especially when it under-performs the $13 jar of Mattify Cosmetics powder.

Mattify Ultra is also perfect for baking your makeup. This technique, made famous by Mario, is used by celebrity makeup artists everywhere. It works especially well on those with hard to cover dark circles or large pores. If you’ve never heard of it, scroll to the bottom of this article for a before & after picture & check out this link: Step-by-step instructions on how to bake your makeup.

WINNER? Mattify Cosmetics ULTRA Powder for Oily Skin

Pros (Mattify ULTRA Powder)

  • Pores virtually vanish
  • Absorbs oil for several hours
  • Provides a fresh airbrushed look
  • Sets makeup in place for long wear
  • Can be used as primer under makeup
  • Does not contain chemical ingredients


Challenge # 3

Last, I compared Too Faced Love Flush Blush in Baby Love with Mattify Cosmetics Long Lasting Blush in Harmony. I’ve been searching for a superior quality blush for almost a year; my previous fave was the Milani Mineral Blush, which was sadly discontinued. I adore both of these blushes! The colors (Baby Love vs Harmony) are almost 100% identical, the only difference is that Baby Love is pressed powder and Harmony is loose powder.

too faced long lasting blush kim kardashian makeup tips and looks dupes for too faced makeup products for oily skin

Too Faced Makeup Dupes: Long Lasting Blush

Both colors are beautiful light golden pink shades that look matte when applied. I LOVE this, because so many other blushes contain such an overload of sparkle that my cheeks end up looking like glitter Easter eggs. These provide a natural flushed color without being sparkly. Also, they genuinely stay put and color true all day long. Anyone with very dark skin tones should try brighter colors in either of these product lines, because Baby Love and Harmony are very pale pinks. I liked each of these brands so much that I just couldn’t decide.

WINNER? There is no winner. It’s a tie!

Pros (Mattify Blush)

  • Very long lasting
  • Stays color-true
  • Decent price range $14
  • Helps absorb facial oil
  • Matte and natural looking
  • Company offers low cost samples

Cons (Mattify Blush)

  • No cute little bunnies
  • Loose powder so it’s a bit messy


Pros (Too Faced Blush)

  • Very long lasting
  • Stays color-true
  • Comes in 6 colors
  • Natural looking colors
  • Pressed powder – convenient

Cons (Too Faced Blush)

  • It’s very pricey $34


So out of all 3 dupes, I found worthy substitutes for 2  – which will amount to quite a bit of savings. Now if I could just get Mario to come over for my own personal makeup application tutorial!  For more Kim Kardashian beauty tips, don’t forget to check out the article on her makeup application class: Kim Kardashian and Mario Dedivanovic Masterclass for Makeup Application

kim kardashian makeup class tutorial tips celebrity makeup for oily skin face powder foundation blush

Kim Kardashian Makeup Tutorial Class with Mario Dedivanovic

An extra beauty tip from Mario!

Exactly what does “baking your makeup” mean? This is yet another makeup technique perfected by the great Mario Dedivanovic.  It allows the heat from your skin to melt concealer & powder into place – providing a bright, flawless look that lasts all day.

what is baking your makeup how to cook makeup kim kardashian makeup tips celebrity makeup blog how to bake your makeup like a professional artist

How to Bake Your Makeup – Click Picture for Step by Step Instructions


Click here for Step-by-step instructions on how to bake your makeup. (The article discusses the “baking” technique for concealer, but it can also be done over your regular liquid foundation as well.)

After the concealer step  referenced in the article link above, apply Mattify Ultra Transparent Powder to “cook” the product into place for 10 minutes before blending away excess powder. This type of application is ideal for those trying to hide dark under eye circles or large pores around the cheeks and nose!

I tried this the other day, and “baked” my entire face after applying Dinair foundation. It worked wonderfully & my face looked completely flawless for 6 hours before I noticed any fading. Soon I will upload my own tutorial for this amazing makeup trick!















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Product Showdown! Too Faced Powder VS Mattify ULTRA Powder for Oily Skin

Product Review: Too Faced Primed & Poreless VS Mattify Cosmetics ULTRA Powder for Oily Skin

Product Review: Too Faced Primed & Poreless VS Mattify Cosmetics ULTRA Powder for Oily Skin

My go-to product for oil control over the past 5 years has been Mattify Cosmetic’s ULTRA Powder for oily skin. It’s a loose powder that’s amazingly light weight, gives me a flawless look & is the one and only powder I’ve found that actually controls my oily skin. Ever the product junkie, I’m always trying new things, so when I stumbled upon Too Faced Primed & Poreless Pressed Powder, I couldn’t’ resist. It claims the same as the Mattify ULTRA Powder – that it will control oil, and can be used before and after foundation. I’ve been searching for a pressed powder that has the same effectiveness as the loose Ultra Powder. Excited by the fact that a pressed powder could do this, I made the pricey $30 purchase. Would I regret my decision?


The first day I used Primed & Poreless, the weather was a bit humid and warm – which always causes my oily skin to act up. I applied the product both under and over my Dinair foundation and headed to work. After a few hours, my face began to feel sticky with oil. I used a blotter sheet to take care of the problem and touched up with the Too Faced Powder. About an hour later, my face felt sticky again! This was getting a bit irritating, so I blotted and re-touched. By this time, it was only noon and the powder was already starting to feel a bit heavy.


At this point, I really wanted to reach for my Mattify Ultra Powder, but decided to forgo my usual routine in the interest of this product review. Throughout the afternoon, I had to blot 4 more times! Each time I patted on a bit more of the Too Faced Powder to even out my skin tone. By the time I got home, my face felt layered in powder. It was also starting to feel rather itchy, so I scratched an area above my eyebrow. When I looked down at my fingernail, a stripe of makeup was stuck underneath. Ew!!

Too Faced Powder literally lives up to its name, in the fact that it actually gives you a second face layered on top of your real face! I realize that the product may not be intended for touch-up that consistently through the day. But, when you have oily skin, touch-ups are a must after blotting. The product would probably be good for someone with dry or combination skin, but (as with most other products I’ve tried) could not handle my super oily skin.


I didn’t bother to check ingredients before using it, but have since discovered that it contains dimethicone (as the 3rd ingredient) and talc. This would explain why it felt so thick on my skin. My face is notoriously resistant to products that are heavy in dimethicone, so that’s a definite downfall for this product. I’m afraid if I would’ve kept using it before foundation, I would’ve ended up with breakouts, because dimethicone typically clogs my pores.


Since it was so pricey, I’ve keep the Too Faced Powder in my purse for emergency touchups when the loose Ultra Powder is not convenient. Once in a while I’ll apply a quick dab of it to even out my skin tone. The compact I kept in my purse beforehand was Cover Girl’s Clean Pressed Powder. It’s only around $7 and does a far better job of absorbing oil. The CG brand does contain dimethicone as well, but it’s much further down on the ingredient list & doesn’t irritate my skin. The downfall to the CG brand is its bulky thick packaging – but so far it’s the best pressed powder I can find. For loose powder & maximum oil control, I’m definitely sticking with the Mattify ULTRA Powder. You can read my review of Mattify ULTRA Powder here. Considering the price & ineffectiveness of the Too Faced Powder, I will not repurchase this item.


How does Too Faced Primed & Poreless Powder compare to Mattify! ULTRA Powder?  Based on the Pros and Cons below, I would score Primed & Poreless at C- and Mattify Ultra at A-

Too Faced Primed & Poreless Powder


  • Comes in convenient compact powder form
  • Doubles as both primer and setting powder
  • Good for dry skin or combination skin types
  • Cute, flat compact is easy to carry in purse or pocket
  • Upon first application, feels light and minimizes pores


  • Feels heavy after a few touchups
  • Contains dimethicone, which can clog pores
  • Adds a thick textured layer to skin after touchups
  • Doesn’t absorb skin oils – not helpful for oily skin


Mattify ULTRA Powder


  • Provides amazing oil control
  • Does not clog pores or cause acne
  • Doubles as primer and setting powder
  • Does not contain dimethicone or talc
  • Doesn’t add a chalky layer to the skin
  • Feels amazingly light weight, even after many touch-ups


  • Loose powder that’s a bit messy for on-the-go touchups


Summer heat and humidity can destroy makeup! It’s the season when I depend most on  matte face powder to help my makeup survive.

Matte Makeup Looks for Summer

Makeup for Oily Skin: Warm Skin Tone with Matte Makeup

Makeup for Oily Skin: Matte Makeup Look on Warm Toned Skin


Makeup for Oily Skin: Matte Makeup Look on Cool Toned Skin

Makeup for Oily Skin: Matte Makeup Look on Cool Toned Skin

“Best Of” Beauty Blogs: Products for Oily Skin

Sometimes you see a blog that’s so jam packed with useful information that you can’t resist linking to it. That’s what happened when I discovered a HUB pages beauty blog by the writer Punkmarkgirl.

Most of her posts relate to oily skin – hot to get rid of it & how to prevent it from resulting in breakouts. She also has quite a few thorough makeup reviews. It’s probably bad for my pocket book because I’ve purchased so many items that she recommends – and I haven’t been disappointed by any of them. Here are some links and pics (used with the author’s permission) to some of my favorite posts from her.

Why is it bad to sleep with your makeup on?

why is it bad to sleep with makeup on hub pages best products for oily skin how to  prevent clogged pores and acne

Why is it bad to sleep with makeup on?


We’ve all heard that it’s bad to sleep with your makeup on, but do you actually know WHY? This article answers in depth questions about how sleeping in your makeup harms your skin and pores.

Best Toner for Oily Skin ~ Prevent Acne & Control Oil with Apple Cider Vinegar

best toner for oily skin and acne prone skin apple cider vinegar toner how to stop oily skin products ACV picture

Best Toner for Oily Skin


If you have acne prone skin, you’ll definitely want to check out this page about using Apple Cider Vinegar as toner for acne prone skin & to unclog pores. I’ve actually been using ACV for about a year now, and can attest to the fact that it is an amazing toner for oily skin & that it has almost completely irradiated my blemishes.

Best Face Primer for Oily Skin: Mattify Ultra Powder ~ Silicone Free Primer

best primer for oily skin mattify cosmetics ultra powder primer for acne prone skin how to prevent clogged pores and get airbrushed foundation

Best Primer for Oily Skin? Powder Primer


Face primers that contain silicone are the worst for oily skin, and especially for acne prone skin. This article highlights why silicone is bad for oily skin & suggests my fave go-to HG face powder (Mattify Ultra) to use as primer, instead of sticky silicone gels. From my tried & true experiences, using powder primer will prevent a mess of clogged pores!

Best E.L.F. Cosmetics: 7 Dupes for High End & Brand Name Makeup Products

elf high beam dupe all over color stick persimmon benefit high beam illuminator

Best ELF Products & Dupes


The inexpensive brand E.L.F. Cosmetics has some amazing dupes for pricey brand names. This article lists which E.L.F makeup works better than high end brands. (I am completely in love with their concealer stick – it’s great to use with this High Beam dupe for highlighting & contouring)

Top 5 Products for Oily Skin

natural makeup and flawless skin best face primer for oily skin mattify cosmetics ultra powder for oily skin makuep

Best Products for Oily Skin


I know from experience that finding products for oily skin can be difficult. Even though it’s a very common skin type, most products have moisturizing ingredients that look awful on oily skin. My worst enemy in the World of Makeup is “dewy” foundation!  This article lists the top 5 best products for oily skin and breakout prone skin, so you can finally discover how to control oil.

makeup for oily skin wordpress blogger products NEW blog hostgator header

Matte Makeup for Fall & Winter

Now that fall and winter are on the way, makeup is shifting gears! Shimmery pastels are fading out until next spring, and rich deep tones are taking their place. Make sure you have the right products for the season! Some must-have makeup items for fall and winter are matte face powder, smoky red lipstick, and dark eye liner.

smoky red lipstick and matte makeup for oily skin mattify cosmetics ultra powder fall makeup looks


Matte makeup trends are a dream come true for ladies with oily skin. After you apply your favorite foundation, top it off with transparent matte face powder. This will keep your makeup flawless for hours by setting the foundation in place and giving you an air-brushed look. Oil absorbent powders work best when used over oil-free foundation. Try Mattify Cosmetic’s ULTRA Powder for maximum oil control and a flawless matte look. It also doubles as an oil control primer that you can apply before foundation!

matte makeup for oily skin fall makeup looks smoky red lipstick ombre powder for oily skin

A word to the wise: Since your complexion will be matte, it’s important to allow other areas of your face to shine! Go for a glossy, smoky red lip or richly pigmented eye shadows & liners. You can even include a hint of glittery or shimmery shadow to brighten up your entire look. This will prevent your face from looking drab, dry and washed out. Never, ever combine matte foundation + matte lipstick + matte eye shadow, unless you’re auditioning for The Walking Dead!


smoky red lipstick fall makeup looks matte makeup for oily skin mattify cosmetics pinup girl makeup red lipstick matte face powderIn past years, classic red lips have dominated the winter months. Red can be a difficult color to rock, even if you select your appropriate warm or cool shade of red.  BUT, this fall & winter, smoky red lips are going to be hot!  Darker smoky reds are hitting the market, as are some nice smoky burgundy colors.

Try these top picks for red lip color: MAC’s  Russian Red (Bright Classic Red),  Revlon Colorstay Backstage (Burgundy Undertones), or Black Radiance’s Midnight Glow (Dark Smoky Red).

smoky red lipsticks long lasting red lipstick ombre lip tutorial fall makeup colors winter makeup looks

The new trend toward smoky, darker red lips makes the color more wearable for almost every skin tone. You can dupe the look below by applying a regular coat of bright red and then dabbing a deep red lipstick around the outside border of lips (where you would normally apply liner). Use a lip brush to drag the darker color in toward the center of lips, blending gradually with the lighter red color. Try these gorgeous reds by Motives Cosmetics, and play around with lighter & darker red shades.

smoky red lipstick fall makeup trends winter makeup for oily skin motives brand ombre lipstickFor an even more dramatic effect, you can apply a smudgable brown eye liner as lip liner first.  Use a lip brush to blend the brown liner in toward center of lips, then apply your favorite red lipstick. Make sure to blend well using a lip brush so that no brown lines are visible.


Think smudged black or brown eye liner and shimmer on the inner corners! For daytime, you can apply it close to the lash line to accentuate eyes without them looking over done. For evening, apply a bit more product, and blend the liner past outer corners of eyes for a smoldering Egyptian style look. Don’t forget to curl those lashes & apply mascara to give your eyes wide-awake vibrancy.

fall makeup looks brown gold sparkly eye shadow matte makeup for oily skin mattify cosmetics woodland fairy eye makeup

If you use loose pigment eye shadows (they are very easy to apply and smudge) try Woodland Fairy or Twilight from Mattify Cosmetics. For those who prefer liquid eye liner, try Lorac’s 3D Lustre Liner in Bronze/Black Ivy – but keep in mind they must be applied precisely, and are not smudgable. If you want to go with traditional pencil, which does have some smudge factor, try NYX Glitter Liner in Bronze or Black Shimmer.

Try a different variation of the smoky eye using deep plum eye shadow or silvery grey.  Not only does this look less harsh than using jet black shadow, it also lightens & brightens the color of your eyes.

smoky red lipstick and matte makeup for oily skin mattify cosmetics ultra powder fall makeup looks and trends

To amp up your lids for holiday parties or a night out, trace a line of glitter liner over plain black liner. Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal liners are perfect for adding a punch of sparkle to any plain black liner.

double winged sparkly black eye liner long lasting eye makeup products for oily skin

The basics to remember for fall & winter makeup?

matte makeup for oily skin red lipstick fall makeup trends megan fox makeup face powder

Keep your makeup looking flawless with an oil absorbent setting powder, and play around with different shades of red to find your perfect match!





Want your natural beauty to show through, but still like the matte makeup look?

red lipstick and matte makeup for oily skin fall and winter makeup looks mattify ultra powder smoky red lips

Dilute your foundation with water before applying with a makeup sponge. This will give you sheer application that minimizes flaws without hiding your natural complexion. Top with the transparent Mattify Ultra Powder to control oil & stay matte all day long.

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makeup for oily skin and best products for oily skin mattifying face powder mattify cosmetics matte airbrushed skin flawless moisturizer for oily skin




Fall / Winter Makeup & Fashion Trends 2014: Style Watch

Time to gear up for fall & winter with new fashion and makeup ideas! Browsing through my latest edition of Stylewatch Magazine, I found some fun fashion suggestions.  Give your closet and makeup collection a mini-overhaul with  top trending products for 2014.

fall fashion trends 2014 style watch lug sole boots plumb eye shadow clothes

Top Fall Shoe Trend: Lug Sole Boots Fall & Winter shoe trends for 2014 are flashing back to the 1990’s – when punk style was all the rage. Wish I wouldn’t have sold my platform boots with the jagged lug soles in 1995 for $5 at a yard sale! Remember ladies, every 20 years or so, fashion seems to recycle itself. lug sole boots winter and fall fashion 2014 boots with jagged edge sole and heel brown boots with heel tall The good part about lug sole boots? They allow you to walk on snow or ice without falling & breaking your neck – because women in neck braces haven’t yet been the latest runway hit. Yet.     Here are some shoe & boot styles that will be popular for fall 2014. You’ll be seeing similar ones with jagged lug soles in every shoe department from Nordstrom’s to Payless. These will look absolutely adorable paired with tights and an above-the knee skirt. My personal faves are the Steve Madded Olive Green Boots with buckles & the UGG grey Lace Up Boots with red lining. Finally, UGG has created something besides a shapeless flat soled blob! Fall shoe trends: Inspiration –  Stylewatch Magazine: lug sole boots winter and fall fashion 2014 boots with jagged edge sole and heel 2 lug sole boots winter and fall fashion 2014 boots with jagged edge sole and heel grey lace up uggslug sole boots winter and fall fashion 2014 boots with jagged edge sole and heel boots with furlug sole boots winter and fall fashion 2014 boots with jagged edge sole and heel best motorcycle bootslug sole boots winter and fall fashion 2014 boots with jagged edge sole and heel tall brown boots Top Fall Makeup Trend: Plumb Eyeshadow & Bright Liner After so many years of dark silver & black smoky eye makeup, this fall and winter highlight brighter, more subtle smoky colors. Dark purple and smoky plumb take center stage for the top eye shadow colors of fall 2014.  Paired with curled lashes, dark liner & shimmery white highlight shadow, these colors create the perfect look for day or night.  To dupe the plumb smoky eye looks below, try MAC Eye Shadow in “Beauty Marked” and “White Frost” or Mattify Cosmetics Long Lasting Eye Shadow in “Purple Haze” and “Snow Bunny”. fall winter 2014 makeup trends and colors purple smokey eye makeup long lasting eye shadow mattify cosmeticsfall 2014 makeup colors purple eye shadow and plum smoky eye long lasting eye shadow mattify cosmetics fall 2014 makeup colors purple eye shadow and plum eye liner kiera knightly makeup long lasting eye shadow mattify cosmetics

Top Fall Makeup Trend: Bright Eye Liner

In Stylewatch Magazine, I also saw an ad for Maybelline’s new Master Kajal Eye Liner.  Can’t WAIT to try this liner in the bright blue color, Navy Night. I’m hoping it lives up to the promises of being able to coat the inner water line of eyes &  create a vibrant smudge of color.   Once I get my hands on this from CVS, I’ll post a review.

fall 2014 makeup trends maybelline master kajal kohl liner for inner rims winter fashion 2014 new beauty products maybelline eye liner for inner rims 2 ad stylewatch ad 1For us oily skinned girls, I would recommend applying an eye shadow primer first. Some preliminary reviews on this liner say it has a soft crayon-like texture. Translate: Will smudge and streak on oily skin. Try NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, which allows liners and shadows to adhere to skin, without flaking or creasing. bright blue eye liner winter fall makeup trends 2014 stylewatch long lasting eye liner and products for oily skin After using primer (but before using the Kajal liner) lightly apply an oil – absorbent powder like Mattify Cosmetic’s ULTRA Powder. It will soak up any additional oils, and help your primer, liner & shadow last all day.  Don’t forget to mist a makeup setting spray onto your face  after all makeup  has been applied, for a long lasting smudge free  finish.

As you can see,  2014  fashion & makeup styles are lively & care-free.  Say goodbye to the harsh looks of last year and step into something more fun!

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Back to School Makeup

How to Apply Highlighter for a Sexy Glow

Best Makeup for Oily Skin (Product List & Pictures)

Tinted Moisturizer for Oily Skin

Back to School Makeup Looks & Ideas

It’s that time again…

Rather than approaching the new school year with a gloomy outlook, use it as an excuse to re-vamp your style! Here are 5 simple rules for stellar back to school looks.

1. Create a Glowing Complexion

back to school makeup fall 2014 teen makeup and clothes selena gomez makeup

A healthy, glowing complexion sets the stage for your entire look, so it’s important to apply a medium coverage foundation – especially if you have dark under eye circles or breakouts. Try Cover Girl’s new Ready Set Gorgeous line of liquid and powder foundation.  Some girls can get away with just blending concealer onto certain areas, but if you go this route, be sure to blend thoroughly and apply a setting powder to even out skin tone while creating a flawless finish.

2. Get Oil Under Control

makeup for oily skin mattify cosmetics ultra powder back to school makeup 2014 fall teenThe #1 beauty problem for high school and college age girls is breakout prone, oily skin. Nothing will ruin your look faster than a face seething in oil! Oily skin accentuates breakouts and large pores, and is definitely a turn-off for date night or school dances. Soak up the oil by using a dual-purpose powder primer/setting powder before & after your makeup.  Try Mattify Cosmetic’s ULTRA Powder for Oily Skin. It’s a transparent powder that can be reapplied throughout the day, and soaks up 3x its weight in oil – to give you a fresh look that lasts for hours. It can even be worn alone & by men to prevent excess oiliness from greasing up your complexion.

3. Simple Eye Makeup

winged eye liner with and without mascara back to school makeup teen college 2014 fashion ideas 2You’ll want to have a quick eye makeup routine to accentuate your eyes. Nothing will make you look more lethargic and tired than a pair of plain peepers! Use liquid liner to sweep a semi thick black line over the top lids, and wing out slightly at the ends for an instant uplift. Try Wet n Wild’s H2O Proof Liner or Stila’s All Day Liner Pen.

For special events or school pictures, try a colored liner to give your eyes an extra bit of sparkle.  If you’re not too handy with liquid liner, be sure to at least curl lashes and apply waterproof mascara like Maybelline’s The Falsies, to accentuate eyes and hold curl in place.

4. Healthy Hair

Kaya-Scodelario Teen hair cut medium length layered hair back to school trends 2014 fall hair stylesQuality hair care is another important aspect of having an A+ look. Before the semester begins, get a fashionable hair cut – but one that isn’t too difficult to maintain. Medium length layers work well for most hair textures, and never really go out of style. What’s more, a medium length cut will allow you to put your hair up in a ponytail for gym class, or a stylish up-do for special events. If your hair has been damaged by the summer sun or hair color, use a deep conditioner like Living Proof’s Restore Mask Treatment to bring it back to life.

5. A Subtle Edge for Fashion  

demi lovato floral dress and leather jacket back to school style and fashion ideas 2014 fallThis year 80’s style is making a return, to give the latest trends an edgy twist. For the last few years we’ve witnessed the comeback of leggings, and now we can add leather jackets and faded torn denim to the list. 80’s style fashion was always fun ~ the key is to not over-do it! Instead of applying fluorescent blue eye shadow all over your lids, add a subtle stripe as liner.


back to school makeup fall 2014 flashback to 80s makeup and clothes leather jackets

Rather than pairing a leather jacket with studded denim leggings and chained boots, try putting it with a flirty cami and cute floral skirt.  Leather also looks good over a basic denim shirt. The jacket will give attention getting, bad-girl edge to an otherwise boring look.


Where to Apply Highlighter for a Sexy Glow

Not sure where to apply highlighter?

Follow this guide  to brighten up your face & get a gorgeous glow!

how to highlight and contour face mattify cosmetics ultra powder for oily skin makeup

How To Apply Crème Highlighter:

Apply your regular foundation, then sweep highlighter onto face, following the white dotted guidelines in the picture above.  ELF All Over Color Stick provides just the right amount of shimmer. You can apply it using your finger tips or a small cosmetic brush for more precision.

How To Apply Powder Highlighter:

After your makeup is in place, apply an oil absorbent setting powder to your entire face to set makeup.  Dab on the powdered highlighter (try Mattify Cosmetics Mineral Highlighter) using a small, tapered makeup brush.  Follow the white dotted guidelines in the picture above for where to apply.

Highlighter brightens the areas where shadows are normally cast on your face. This gives you an overall youthful appearance and distracts from flaws. It will also help you look wide awake, even if you haven’t slept a wink.

Contouring & highlighting aren’t only for your foundation.

You can change the shape and dimensions of your lips as well, by using  “dark / light” shading techniques.  Placing brown lip liner at intervals over a light lipstick or highlighter will make your lips look super plump.  A good basic rule to remember is this: dark colors minimize, light colors accentuate.

Follow this chart below to get super plump looking lips. I tried to find the source of this pic – it came up while I browsed Google Images & didn’t have a link. If the original source is known, please let me know in the comments & I’ll update with a link. This girl is a genius!

For additional lip plumping, try Physician’s Formula Lip Plumping Cocktail, or NYC’s Big Bold Gloss.

secret to making lips look bigger lip plumping gloss angelina jolie lipstick celebrity makeup tips


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review freeman exfoliating face polishing Mask with Charcoal & Black Sugar best mask for oily skin

Review: Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask for Oily Skin

Hello everyone! I know…I know…I’ve been MIA from the world of product reviews for a while. Going to school for Massage Therapy, while still keeping my 40 hour a week office job is quite the task! Last night, I stopped by CVS after class, and picked up a couple of products to try. I got the Freeman Exfoliating Charcoal Mask & the Hask Argan Oil Hair Mask.  So here are the reviews of my new faves!

Freeman Facial Polishing Mask with Charcoal & Black Sugar

review freeman exfoliating face polishing Mask with Charcoal & Black Sugar best mask for oily skin

As you can tell from my other reviews, I have insanely oily skin. I’m a big fan of Charcoal face masks, as they are praised for drawing impurities from the pores.  I’m also a fan of exfoliating scrubs, and this Freeman product combines them both! When you have oily skin, your pores are choc-full of gunk, so charcoal is your friend.

review freeman exfoliating face polishing Mask with Charcoal & Black Sugar best mask for oily skin

I used the Facial Polishing Mask after showering (to be sure my pores had been steamed open) allowing me to reap the drawing benefits from the charcoal. It did bring a bunch of pore plugs & blackheads to the surface, which I scrubbed away using my trusty exfoliating gloves.

review freeman exfoliating face polishing Mask with Charcoal & Black Sugar best mask for oily skin

Swatch: Freeman Facial Polishing Mask

First off, don’t expect this mask to go on smooth as silk!  Looking at the swatch picture, you can see it has a patchy appearance when spread across the skin – but that doesn’t really affect performance. This is due to the exfoliating, grainy texture of the mask.


One thing I was surprised the packaging didn’t mention is that the face mask is self-warming. Ginger is one of the main ingredients, and as you spread the mask onto damp skin, it warms your entire face, which feels amazing. The heat sensation goes away after about 1 minute.

After 10 minutes, I added a little water and used my finger tips to swirl the mask around in circles on my face. This really activated the exfoliating properties and help work excess gunk to the surface. I rinsed with warm water, and then used a gel face wash to get rid of any remaining residue.


My skin felt SO amazingly soft after using this mask! In fact, I want to use it on my entire body. This would be terrific as a scrub to remove dry skin on heels, knees and elbows before a trip to the beach, or the day before tanning. I’ve never actually heard of an exfoliating face mask for oily skin, usually you just see exfoliating scrubs.  Am happy to see that the Freeman Company has combined two awesome properties into one mask.

To Try Next Time:

Best mask for oily skin, shills peel off mask, review freeman exfoliating face polishing Mask with Charcoal & Black Sugar scrubSince the exfoliating mask did such a good job of drawing all the Best mask for oily skin, shills peel off mask, review freeman exfoliating face polishing Mask with Charcoal & Black Sugar scrubimpurities to the surface, I want to go one step further next time.  I think this would be great used in combination with a charcoal based peel off mask like Shill’s Deep Cleansing Black Mask (review coming soon)! After I removed the Facial Polishing Mask, I could see pore plugs sticking out of the pores on my nose. I didn’t have time to apply the Shill’s Peel Off Mask next, so I just gave my nose a once-over with the exfoliating glove. Along with a peel off mask, this would be a fantastic once-per-week decongestant pore treatment for anyone who battles with blackheads & oily skin!

makeup for oily skin, how to make tinted moisturizer, bb cream for oily skin, foundation, aloe gel moisturizer for oily skin

The Best Tinted Moisturizer for Oily Skin? How to Make Your Own Tinted Moisturizer!

Tinted moisturizer for oily skin is very difficult to find. Most formulas are too emollient and transparent for oily, breakout prone skin. They typically don’t cover any flaws, and leave skin looking even oilier than it does without makeup. Most makeup for oily skin on the market feels heavy and thick – not a good texture, especially during hot summer months. Women with oily skin would love to have a tinted moisturizer that covers blemishes and controls oil, since those of us with oily skin have been left behind in this product grouping. The solution? Make your own tinted moisturizer! A customized tinted moisturizer can easily be created using Aloe Gel, combined with your favorite liquid foundation.

makeup for oily skin, how to make tinted moisturizer, bb cream for oily skin,  foundation, aloe gel moisturizer for oily skin

How to Make Tinted Moisturizer for Oily Skin

Step 1: Select an Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel has numerous benefits for oily and acne prone skin, or for any skin type in general. It promotes new cell growth, reduces inflammation, assists in fast healing, and adds moisture without any greasy residue. Those with acne prone skin will love its cooling & refreshing properties, and its ability to reduce swelling and clear acne faster than with no treatment at all. People with oily skin will find that it absorbs quickly, without leaving a greasy surface residue.

makeup for oily skin, how to make tinted moisturizer, bb cream for oily skin,  foundation, aloe gel moisturizer for oily skinOne of the best Aloe products on the market is Makeup Artist’s Choice Aloe Jelly with Pure Lavender. Their formula is 95% organic, contains no parabens, is incredibly light weight, and mixes wonderfully with other cosmetic items. You can purchase at for $8.75. If you prefer an Aloe Gel without any additional ingredients, try the 100% Aloe by Roots Herbal. This goes for $9.99 at Aloe gel can also be found at most health food stores, but make sure you’re purchasing one that is actually 100% aloe, without any chemicals, alcohol, or preservatives added.

Step 2: Choose a Foundation Makeup for Oily Skin

makeup for oily skin, how to make tinted moisturizer, bb cream for oily skin,  foundation, aloe gel moisturizer for oily skinOnce you have selected an Aloe Gel, decide which liquid foundation you are going to mix it with. For oily skin, the best foundations are matte, and are marketed specifically toward oily skin. Drugstore brands typically fade after 3-4 hours when they come in contact with the sebum from your skin, so you’re better off with a high quality foundation from a department store. These range in price from $25 – $30 but are well worth the cost, because they last for 8+ hours even on oily skin, and in high humidity.

If you must go with a drugstore brand, try Maybelline’s Superstay 24 Hour Makeup or Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation. These deliver a smooth finish, stay put for about 4 hours, and cost around $8. Although their names imply that they will last 24 hours, they do not. Perhaps they would on dry skin, but certainly not on oily skin!

Two of the best high end brands are Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Max Cover Foundation and Clarin’s Ever Matte Foundation. These both cost around $30, provide complete yet light weight coverage, and a flawless finish. Normally, concealer isn’t necessary, because these two foundations are so packed with pigment. These stay in place for about 8-10 hours on oily skin.

Step 3: Purchase a Primer & Setting Powder for Oily Skin

Those with oily skin will get the best results if they apply an oil absorbing base primer before the tinted moisturizer, and then a setting powder afterwords. One of the best products on the market for oily skin is called Mattify Ultra Powder for Oily Skin from Mattify! Cosmetics.It multi-tasks as both a primer and setting powder to absorb oil, so you don’t have to buy two different products.

best powder for oily skin, mattify cosmetics ultra powder and primer for oily skin, mattifying powder makeup




Picture Source:…

Applying this powder before your tinted moisturizer will protect the pores from the foundation and absorb a large amount of oil, giving you longer lasting makeup that is highly resistant to humid weather. It can also be applied after the tinted moisturizer to create an air-brushed finish and set makeup for longer wear. This powder costs around $14 at the Mattify Cosmetics website, and is a must-have product for oily skin.

INSTRUCTIONS: How to Make Tinted Moisturizer for Oily Skin

Now that you have purchased Aloe Gel, Foundation, and Primer/Setting Powder you’re read to create your very own customized Tinted Moisturizer for Oily Skin! For a sheer tinted moisturizer, add a bit more Aloe Gel to the mixture. You can adjust the amount of Aloe Gel you use, until the consistency and coverage are to your liking.

4 Steps to Make Tinted Moisturizer for Oily Skin & How to Apply

how to make tinted moisturizer for oily skin, best makeup for oily skin, moisturizer for oily skin

How to Make Tinted Moisturizer for Oily Skin






Step 1: Using a spoon or disposable wooden mixing stick, mix 1 part Aloe Gel with 2 parts liquid foundation on a palette. For example: 1 pea-sized drop of Aloe Gel + 2 pea-sized drops of foundation. (You can also mix this in the palm of your hand using your finger tips).

Step 2: Apply the Mattify Ultra powder as a primer to your face, using a powder brush or powder puff.

Step 3: Apply your freshly mixed tinted moisturizer to your face in sections, blending downwards. You can use your finger tips, or a foundation brush or sponge – whatever you are comfortable with.

Step 4: Apply Mattify Ultra Powder as an oil absorbing setting powder to ensure long lasting makeup and a flawless finish

Additional Tip:

*If you already have a favorite oil-free moisturizer, try mixing that with foundation in place of the Aloe Gel. Some people prefer the lightness of the Aloe Gel, while others may like a creamier moisture-based tint. Although, for oily skin, I would highly suggest the Aloe Gel.

how to make tinted moisturizer for oily skin, best makeup for oily skin, moisturizer for oily skin

Tinted Moisturizer for Oily Skin

When you make your own tinted moisturizer, YOU Control the Coverage!

The best part about making your own tinted moisturizer is the fact that YOU can adjust the amount of pigment. Most tinted formulas on the market do not contain nearly enough foundation pigment to conceal any type of blemish. Do you know any women with completely flawless skin? Didn’t think so! By creating your own tinted moisturizer, you can add as much or as little pigment as you need. With this process for making your own formula, now even women with oily skin can enjoy the lightness of a tinted moisturizer.

Do you have a special makeup routine for oily skin?   Let us know about it in the comments section below!

Holiday Makeup Ideas – Sparkly Eyes, Lips & Nails for the Holidays!

makeup for oily skins: holiday makeup looks sparkly gold eye shadow new years eve makeup long lasting eye shadow


Thanks to my Pinterest addiction, I’ve made quite a few holiday makeup purchases lately – specifically sparkly eye shadow & nail polish, as I gear up for winter!




Here are 3 picks that I’m totally in love with – these will make gorgeous holiday makeup colors. It’s always tough to find makeup that will stand out for Christmas or New Years Parties, but I think these are up to the task.

Hourglass Liquid Lipstick in Muse (coral red)

hourglass liquid lipstick review muse coral red pink holiday makeup ideas pinterest longest lasting lipstick swatches

One of the most important things in a lipstick is long wear & no smudging – especially when it needs to last through holiday kisses under the mistletoe. This lipstick is up the task and wears beautifully for about 4 hours, even after eating and drinking.  Normally, I have one pet peeve about long lasting lipstick… most of it flakes or peels off after a few hours. Because of this track record, I’ve switched to using only lip gloss, and had given up all hope on lipstick. Now that I’ve found the Hourglass brand, I’m back on track with  lipstick! It comes in 10 shades, so you should be able to find a suitable one for any skin tone. While bright red shades normally make my light olive complexion look sallow, this color has enough coral hues to really brighten up my entire face. I paid $28 for it at Sephora – a bit pricey, but totally worth it!

Mattify Cosmetics Woodland Fairy

(brown & gold eye shadow with sparkles)

long lasting eye makeup brown gold sparkly eye makeup smokey eye long lasting mattify cosmetics naked nudebrown eye shadow look nude champagne beige brown sparkly gold eye makeup mattify cosmetics makeup for oily skin eye shadow swatchesAnother holiday makeup must for me is long lasting eye shadow. Nothing is worse than attending a holiday party & dancing the night away, only to discover your eye makeup has migrated to your brow line or even worse, underneath your eyes! The Mattify Cosmetics brand is one I’ve loved for quite a while, because they make products for oily skin – which I am constantly at war with. Their Mattify Ultra Powder for Oily Skin is my #1 HG beauty product because it doesn’t give me breakouts & it stops the oiliness for hours.  A few months ago I discovered that their eye makeup is also oil absorbent and has a built in primer. Sweeeet! This particular color (Woodland Fairy) is so gorgeous and light reflective. It will definitely make my eyes stand out during any holiday festivity. Nabbed this for only $4.99 at

Julep’s Diamond Collection Holiday Nail Polish

julep nail polish sparkly nail polish looks for the holidays new years eve makeup gold julep nail polish sparkly nail polish looks for the holidays new years eve makeup gold 1





These sparkly glitter overlays are awesome holiday colors!  I really want to try the ombre effect with the gold over red. It’s a unique holiday look & looks really simple to do. I’ve used a couple of other Julep colors before, and they are very high-shine and long lasting. You can pick up this set of holiday nail polish colors for $24.99 at

These holiday makeup products will make your look stand out at the next party!         Happy Holidays everyone. Keep on sparklin’ on :)

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